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In any other market, shares of Atomera Inc. (ATOM) would be trading at the $100 level I previously predicted.

Why? It’s simple math, based on the company’s compelling royalty revenue model and the acceleration of customers through the pipeline to production. And there’s no denying the acceleration!

After waiting over a year for its first JDA customer, in the last 90 days alone, management announced:

  • The completion of all milestones for the first JDA customer.
  • The signing of its fifth individual license agreement.
  • And a second “major” JDA customer, which I believe is either the $481 billion market cap Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Limited (TSM), or the $27 billion GlobalFoundries Inc. (GFS).

I remain convinced that the latest business developments warrant the $100+ price target and that it’ll ultimately be reached, given the fact Atomera doesn’t need to raise capital again.

As for the immediate term, shares deserve to be trading multiples higher at $25 to $50 per share.

Here’s why, based on the 10 takeaways from the latest quarterly report…

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