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On the heels of the company’s October 27th quarterly update, shares of Atomera Inc. (ATOM) are on the move. 

The stock is up about 25% and counting. And for good reason, which I’ll dive into in a moment.

For right now, though, I simply want to let you know I’m convinced we could be just days away from a surge to $50 per share, and then to $100+ per share.

That might sound overly optimistic. But keep in mind, I previously made a prediction that may have seemed similarly “overly optimistic.”

Specifically, I predicted the stock would double to $25 on the announcement of its first Joint Development Agreement (JDA), and then quickly head towards $50 per share. And in short order, it did precisely that — hitting $24.69 the day of the announcement, and then $47.13 just weeks afterwards.

And now, once again, the catalyst for higher prices promises to be the announcement of a Phase 4 licensing deal. 

Here’s why I believe such an announcement is imminent, as well as the key takeaways from the company’s latest quarterly report…

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