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Today’s D-Day for Atomera Inc. (ATOM). Or is it?

The company’s set to report third quarter results after the bell today (details here) and my inbox and social media feeds are flooded with the same question from countless people.

“Will they announce their first manufacturing license or JDA today?”

After all, that’s the only thing holding back shares from quickly soaring to $25+, as I previously wrote.

Frankly, I’m just as anxious as the next investor for it to happen. For management to get the first of many manufacturing licenses over the goal line. Especially since Atomera represents my single biggest investment right now. By a wide margin.

Whether it happens tomorrow, next week, next month or even next quarter, though, I’m not overly concerned. And you shouldn’t be either.

Here’s why and why I’m convinced that the company still represents the best asymmetric risk/reward set-up in the markets right now. Hands down.

And in turn, why I plan to keep adding to my position on any post-report weakness…

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