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After the bell yesterday, Atomera Inc. (ATOM) surprised the market by announcing an equity offering.

You’ll recall less than two weeks ago, CFO Francis Laurencio said the company had no “near term plans to raise any additional capital.”

What gives?

In short, the company was once again approached by major, long-term shareholders with an offer to raise capital.

Remember, they previously turned down two to three offers in the last six months. I’m thankful they didn’t turn down this offer.

More on that in a moment. First, it’s important to realize that the capital raise is not an indication that Phase 4 licensing deals are now far off into the future.

To the contrary, even more deals than previously expected are close to the finish line.

While some might bellyache about the pricing at $5, it’s irrelevant. Here’s why and why I’m buying more stock today…

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