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Nearly every time the management team from Cue Biopharma (CUE) presents at a conference, its slide deck contains a new nugget (or two) of telling data.

Big whoop, you say? But it is a big whoop! After all, data is what ultimately drives share prices of biotechs notably higher. That is, as long as investors are paying attention.

You see, last week, Cue made a presentation at Baird’s 2021 Global Healthcare Conference. 

True to form, management shared fresh data (details below). But because the presentation wasn’t public, few investors even noticed.

But later today, Cue’s management team is set to present again. This time at Oppenheimer’s Fall Healthcare Life Sciences & MedTech Summit. And this is a public presentation.

Here’s what we should expect, including why today could prove to be the catalyst to quickly propel shares closer to fair value, which I estimate is at least double the current price…

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