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This under-the-radar biotech boasts a unique, two-pronged, risk-reducing strategy, plus a management team with a proven track record of multi-billion-dollar exits.


The appeal of biotech investing couldn’t be more straightforward – invest ahead of a meaningful data readout and shares quickly double or triple overnight. And then keep going.

We know this firsthand from our recent experience with Immunome, Inc. (IMNM).

By investing roughly one month ahead of a key data readout for its alternative Covid-19 therapy, we watched as shares  soared over 350% to a high of $63.78.

There are countless other examples, including among our other active recommendations. But I don’t want to simply focus on the upside in biotech.

As you know, the risk in this sector is real. It primarily involves bad or underwhelming data, which results in shares going nowhere or worse, sharply down instead of up.

That’s why the critical success factor in biotech investing involves identifying opportunities with as little risk as possible.

This could come from a platform approach that diversifies away risk via a virtually endless number of shots on goal. Like we’re doing with TFF Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (TFFP). (Note: Shares are as “Strong Buy” as ever at current levels for reasons I’ll outline in an upcoming update.)

It can come from a data-driven approach that leverages previous clinical outcomes with well-characterized and therefore, safe compounds to identify overlooked opportunities in large markets. Like we’re doing with Lantern Pharma Inc. (LTRN).

And last, but not least, it can come from a management-driven approach that leverages past successes securing FDA approvals and then, large buyout offers from big pharma.

This month, we’re going “all-in” on an opportunity the fits into the last category.

Add in multiple catalysts in the quarters ahead, a low float with significant insider ownership, plus the fact the company remains completely under-the-radar after up- listing to the Nasdaq less than six months ago, and we couldn’t ask for a more ideal set-up in biotech.

All we need is for one of the company’s lead assets to report strong data and the stock could easily rocket from its current $167 million market cap size to $500 million or more.

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