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On Sunday, February 21, I had a crazy idea to pay it forward.

What if I was willing to give access to my micro-cap stock research – FOR LIFE – to anyone that was willing to make a one-time donation of $1,000 to charity?

That’s free and forever access, no matter where I publish it.

Well, it only took about 48 hours to find out.

The answer? People were willing to give an astounding $360,000!

Talk about shattering my stretch goal of $150,000.

To say I’m completely floored by people’s generosity is an understatement, which got me thinking…

“Maybe I’m underestimating how big this effort could be?”

And that’s where you come in.

No doubt, you landed on this page because a friend, family member or fellow investor and generous soul told you to check it out at my request.

You see, what was supposed to only last for 48 hours is now being extended until we hit $1 million in direct donations to this U.S.-based 501(c)3 charity.

Am I crazy for thinking we can get there at all? Maybe. But maybe not! [Update: We’re a handful of donations away from crossing the $500k mark].

So I encourage you to read the original email I sent to my small list of readers, which I’ve pasted below, to find out all the details.

Thanks for taking the time to even consider it. I look forward to welcoming you as lifetime member soon. All you have to do is email me a confirmation of your donation to

And by all means, spread the word!

48 Hours Only /

Secure FREE Lifetime Access To DTR

Dear Faithful Subscriber,

Disruptive Tech Research has never been about selling millions of dollars’ worth of subscriptions to enrich the firm.

Instead, since we eat our own cooking, it’s always been about our investments paying off for millions in profits… so everyone is enriched at the same time.

But today, I’m going to double-down on our purpose in a major way by giving away potentially millions in access to my research.

Let me explain…

From the Depths of Despair to Prosperity

As many of you know, I entered 2020 in a personal tailspin. Divorce. The untimely loss of my younger and only brother. Then the pandemic and global lockdown.

Heap it on! After all, tough times don’t last, only tough people do, right?

Yeah, even I’m not that tough.

But I am a man of faith… in the greater good and the belief that hard work ultimately pays off. And it paid off in recent months in ways I could have never predicted.

  • Atomera Inc. (ATOM) soared 1,341% from our entry price.
  • Immunome Inc. (IMNM) took less than 40 days to rise 420% to a high of $63.78. (As I shared last week, I believe $100+ per share is now highly likely in the coming months.)
  • Then there’s Vuzix Inc. (VUZI), which is up 315% and just getting started still. (More details on that stock coming tomorrow.)

And that’s just the short list!

It doesn’t include the quick 73% surge in Lantern Pharma (LTRN), the 216% rally in TFF Pharmaceuticals (TFFP) or Resonant Inc.’s (RESN) 558% year-to-date climb.

Bottom line, throw in a few other personal investments that soared and this has been the best six-month stretch in my entire investment career. Bar none!

Rather than simply celebrate the payoffs, though, I’ve decided to pay it forward.

And I’d like to invite you to do the same in exchange for completely free access to my micro-cap research.

Will You Follow My Lead Again?

In the last 24 hours, I made a meaningful five-figure donation to a health clinic in one of the poorest countries in Latin America.

It’s a charity that I’ve supported for over a decade that literally saved my friend’s life after I had to pull him out of the surf almost a decade ago.

And I plan to donate even more this year.

I’m not bringing any of this up to brag, though. To the contrary, I’m bringing it up because I had a crazy idea.

I realized stocks and money aren’t the only thing of value I possess and can give. As I’ve shown recently, my investment research is equally valuable.

So instead of waiting for the next big winner to make another personal donation, what if I found a way to give my research away in an unorthodox and major way for the greater good?

Here’s what I came up with…

  • In the next 48 hours, I’d like to raise $150,000 (or more) for The Roberto Clemente Santa Ana Health Clinic. [Update: We raised $360,000 and counting and are going for $1 million!)
  • For anyone that donates $1,000 (or more) and emails me confirmation, I’m going to give you a lifetime of access to all my micro-cap research. 

That’s right. I’m going to give away an entire lifetime worth of investment research benefits if you’re willing to give a small amount of the monetary benefits you’ve likely enjoyed as a faithful subscriber.

I’m more than comfortable making this request because I know that DTR has collectively made millions, if not tens of millions in profits for people in the past six months alone.

Plus, based on that track record, I know everyone is eagerly awaiting my next high conviction recommendation. (Don’t worry, it’s coming in the next week or so).

But that got me thinking… If you’re willing to follow me into my next stock pick in a big way, I’m hoping you’ll at least be willing to consider following me into a charitable investment in a small way.

Whether you can give $10… $1,000…  or $10,000 (or more), it all counts and helps.

To donate, click here

You can even donate stock, if you prefer. Just reply to this email and I can provide the necessary information.

We’ll Never Go Broke Giving

Anne Frank said it best, “No one has ever become poor by giving.”

Amen, sister!

And I’m confident by giving away annual subscriptions and forgoing every single penny in sales I won’t become poor either.

In the end, if you cannot or choose not to donate, no worries. I’m thankful for your consideration.

Rest assured, no matter what you decide I’ll still keep working as hard as ever to find the next under-the-radar micro-cap investments with 10-bagger potential.

However, I can’t promise that I’ll keep periodically sharing that research for free.

So whatever the reason you’ve refrained from officially joining DTR or renewing a previous subscription, I’m hopeful this will finally be the incentive you need.

Make no mistake, I’m committed to reaching that $150,000 goal eventually. But it would be much sweeter to do it together and sooner!

To donate, click here

Ahead of the tape,


P.S. – Here’s a little be more about the clinic to help you decide…

Located in Nicaragua, the second poorest country in the Western Hemisphere, The Roberto Clemente Santa Ana Health Clinic provides free and low-cost medical care to over 30,000 patients in the isolated villages of Limon, Rancho Santana, and 27 surrounding communities.

Think prenatal care, basic prescriptions, treatment for asthma attacks and allergic reactions, and general checkups. Things we take for granted because walk-in clinics and hospitals abound in the United States.

Without the vision and passion of my friend and former boss, Julia Guth, the clinic would never have been built.

Here’s the thing… As a U.S.-based 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, the clinic depends solely on private donations to continue operating. And giving, particularly in developing countries, is down significantly in recent years. At a time when Nicaragua severely needs it, too.

You see, not only is the country suffering through the pandemic like the rest of the world, but Nicaragua was also hit with two devastating hurricanes.

So, I’m encouraging you to join me in donating to this very worthy cause. If you do, don’t forget to send me confirmation to to secure your lifetime access to my micro-cap research.