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I love it when our plans come together!

First, Atomera Inc. (ATOM) and now Immunome, Inc. (IMNM).

You’ll recall, I first told you to buy Immunome on January 11, when the stock was trading for less than $13 per share.

Then, on January 27, I pounded the table again. Why? Because the company published its first pre-clinical data demonstrating the potential for its memory b-cell platform in generating a more natural and complete immune response to fight Covid-19.

Even better, the first set of data suggested Immunome’s approach would likely adapt to mutations more effectively.

It all came together at the perfect time, too.

Remember, a few weeks ago the world was first coming to grips with the reality that the first batch of Covid-19 vaccines were not as effective against variants of the virus. Particularly, the South African variant.

And today, we got even more proof why Immunome’s novel approach – and stock – promises to be so valuable.

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