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Semiconductor technology company, Atomera Inc. (ATOM) is scheduled to report first quarter results after the bell tomorrow.

The stock’s been in rally mode since the March low, rising as much as 109%. But we’re just now getting back to pre-crisis prices. So rest assured, there’s still plenty of room to run.

Truth is, the current price is a fraction of where I expect the stock to be when the company announces its first manufacturing license.

Remember, per management, all it takes is a single one for the company to be profitable.

Plus, there are only 17 million shares outstanding and most are in the strong hands (18% owned by insiders and 21.1% by three institutions).

That means Atomera represents a low-risk, low-float runner that could easily make a move from $5 to $15 on a single announcement.

There’s one scenario that became a possibility on the last call that could propel shares to $25+.

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