Resonant Inc. (RESN) continues to light up the newswires in the New Year. With nothing but decidedly positive developments.

Last week, for instance, the company announced additional information about its Filter IP Standard Library and product roadmap. (Hint: This was much more than a well-timed release for marketing purposes).

Then, today, as predicted, the company announced it hit a major milestone – more than 10 devices shipped for royalty revenues in 2018.

Candidly, I believe this represents the strongest buy signal to date.

Why? Forget about the potential for RESN’s tech. We’re now talking about the early innings of actual product revenue with an increasingly favorable trajectory.

As you’ll see in a moment, the latest market data from Navian confirms how massive and wide open the market is for RESN, too.

So what gives with today’s muted market reaction to the news?

I cover that and more including the single chart that sums up the investment case for RESN in today’s research note.


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