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100% independent investment research on the market's next top tech trends and investments, based on patent filing activity.

In-Depth Stock Research

Institutional quality research for everyday investors. Exhaustive, but  easy and entertaining to read, too! On average, we issue 3-4 "Strong Buy" ratings and 6-8 "Buy" per year.

Management & Expert Insights

Unlike the throngs of  internet only researchers, we share exclusive insights from our direct (and ongoing) dialogues with management, industry experts and key institutional investors.

Ongoing Due Diligence

We’re constantly monitoring market, industry and company-specific developments to ensure our investment thesis remains intact. You'll never be left guessing where we stand.

Intra-Day Trade Alerts

Whenever a compelling buying or profit-taking opportunity comes up, we immediately notify members with the specific action we're taking. 

Real-Time Blog

Markets move in an instant. Whenever we come across any relevant data points, commentary or other info, we post it immediately so you're always informed.

Weekly Recap

Afraid you'll miss something? Don't sweat it. Each Sunday we share a recap of the previous week’s market-moving events and company insights and analysis.

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