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When Super Technologies Collide: 

It’s time to profit from the $10 billion intersection of biotech and artificial intelligence

If I had to single out two of the fastest growing, most explosive technology trends with the most upside potential, without hesitation, it’s biotech and artificial intelligence (AI).

The former is enjoying unprecedented boom times, as the coronavirus crisis demonstrated to Wall Street and Main Street the vital role that biotech companies play in human survival.

In turn, the major biotech indices are breaking out to all-time highs, private biotech firms and venture capitalists are raising billions in fresh funding and almost every biotech IPO is surging out of the gates, rising an average of more than 50%.

At the same time, AI is coming of age.

To be clear, I’m not talking about the type of AI that scares the crap out of some of the greatest minds of our time, like Elon Musk and Stephen Hawking.

That kind of AI is known as “general artificial intelligence” and involves computers that can “think” for themselves and therefore could evolve into a dangerous replacement for humans. Rather, I’m talking about what’s known as “narrow artificial intelligence.”

This involves AI applications that are designed to only solve a single task or group of related tasks. Like natural language processing (think Siri or Amazon’s Alexa), image recognition and controlling self-driving cars, for example.

These AI technologies can’t evolve beyond their specified tasks and therefore aren’t even remotely close to an existential threat to humanity. However, they hold tremendous economic and investment potential.

In fact, in data-intensive industries, AI promises to reduce cost, streamline processes, reduce error and accelerate development.

The end result?

PricewaterhouseCoopers believes AI could increase global output by a staggering $15.7 trillion by 2030.

That’s more output than China and India. Combined.

Of course, we’ve been positioned and profiting from biotech already. I have a few pure play AI companies on my watch list. But right now it’s time for us to combine these two super technology profit trends into a single investment.

Here’s why and how we’re going to do it…

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