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Shares of Cue Biopharma (CUE) were oddly volatile today – on below average volume, no less. What gives?

I’m convinced it’s simply profit-taking and some jitters ahead of tomorrow’s presentation at the Jefferies Virtual Healthcare Conference, during which management will likely provide the highly anticipated interim data from its Phase 1 study for CUE-101.

First things first, the profit-taking is understandable.

After all, shares are up 250% in the last year and 133% in the last six months. So can you blame anyone during these times for booking some gains?

(In the infamous words of music-legend Shaggy, though, “It wasn’t me.” As I outlined in my April 21 update, I’m letting it ride).

However, any selling due to jitters over “bad” data are categorically unfounded.

Here’s the proof and why I (still) expect any data shared tomorrow to be positive…

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