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It’s been a tad over six weeks since Provention Bio (PRVB) announced the biggest breakthrough in Type 1 Diabetes (T1D) treatment since the introduction of insulin. But the sudden stock run-up to $22.82 – and pullback to $10.50 on an ill-advised financing attempt – has created a chorus of doubters.

“We must be missing something,” declares the skeptic on our shoulder. “The smart money and those pesky shorts always know more than we do.”

The company’s silence only amplifies concerns. But I’m here to implore you to ignore the noise!

Meaningful signals are hiding in plain sight, which point to the company and the drug realizing its billion-dollar-plus potential.

In case you forgot – or missed the signals – here’s a complete rundown. Plus, a quick dish on all the noise that you’re probably hearing.

If you’re prone to paranoia selling, print it out and slap it on the fridge next to the pictures of the grandkids to keep you from doing anything stupid in the next 21 days.

(Hint: There’s a potential catalyst coming most investors don’t expect).

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