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Meet Founder & Chief Analyst

Lou Basenese

Lou Basenese

After helping direct over $1.5 billion at Morgan Stanley, I’ve spent the last 16 years as an independent analyst and investor. Along the way, I co-founded one of the largest financial publishers with over 700,000 daily readers and $25+ million in annual revenue. In 2014, I followed my passion for all things tech and founded DTR to fill the market void for 100% independent, high-quality, easy to understand research on technology trends and investments. Try it and I’m confident you’ll quickly find out what keeps subscribers coming back for more.

What Members Get

More than we can summarize here. But we’ll take a stab at highlighting the most compelling benefits…

Actionable Insights & Trade Ideas

From  in-depth reports to quick-hitting alerts, DTR always provides actionable information and stock research to capitalize on the market’s top tech trends and opportunities before most investors even have a clue.

Proprietary & Primary Approach

By combing hype cycles of technology adoption with patent filing activity, our top-down/bottom-up approach pinpoints the most timely technology trends and the most promising individual investments.


Total Independence & Alignment

We’re 100% independent. That means absolutely no pay-to-play arrangements, no hidden agendas and no hype. Just solid investment research. And we eat our own cooking, too. We make money, when our members make money.

Constant Contact

From the real-time blog updates and trade alerts to monthly newsletters and deep-dive research reports to management interviews and quarterly webinars, members are always kept informed.


No Ads

DTR is here to serve members. Period. So we won’t sell your data, violate your privacy or flood your inbox with third party offers. If we’re going to take up any of your time, we’re going to make sure it’s worth your time.

More Time For Doing

Our research cuts through the noise and concisely tells readers what they need to know. In plain and sometimes snarky English. Less time reading and deciphering means more time for investing and doing.

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